How To Write Blogs Everyone Needs To Read

8 things you’re doing wrong and 7 ways to overcome them

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1. Easy doesn’t cut the mustard

Writing a few throwaway words every so often won’t do it.

2. You’ve been posting news. Don’t even have a News section

Have a look at your blog. Do you have any pieces about your staff night out? Your accountant’s half marathon? Your new computer system?

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3. You get no kudos for posting every day

Back in the day, we had this idea that Google liked fresh content. In fact, I used to advise my clients that they should keep posting frequently. I’ve stopped doing that because it’s a piece of advice that can be so easily misinterpreted.

4. You’ve been sucked down the Branding rabbit hole

Branding. It’s a difficult one. Large corporations have values for their brands on their balance sheet. Your brand may well tip the balance when a purchasing decision is made.

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5. There’s no such thing as free traffic

And don’t let anyone tell you there is. It’s one of the internet’s great lies.

6. You haven’t been realistic about resources

Because traffic isn’t free and because great content doesn’t write itself, you need to make the budget or staff available.

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7. You don’t understand SEO

Writing for your audience is a great piece of advice. I would never disagree with it. Picturing your ideal customer as you write is a challenge in itself. You can be proud of yourself if you’re already doing it.

8. Your writing is lousy

There’s a reason for copywriters. They do what a lot of people struggle with. What a lot of people are frightened of.

How can you write blogs everyone needs to read?

  1. Know who you’re writing for
  2. Know what they care about — what are their problems? Where is their pain?
  3. Be absolutely clear about why you’re putting scarce resources into a piece of content
  4. Learn SEO. Get the right people to your blog
  5. Write well. Or learn how to. Or get in an expert
  6. Publicise your content where your audience is
  7. Repeat. Regularly. To a schedule

SEO, digital marketer, writer, herder of cookbooks, photographer, audiophile and jazz nut. Aspirant polymath.

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