How to ensure your investment in content never goes to waste

Here’s one of the basic truths of Content Marketing: The only content that works for you is the stuff in public on your site.

I believe the most important functions of website content are:

  1. SEO leverage — bringing the right people to your site
  2. Conversion — sales; other kinds of…

Here’s how to occupy some of the most valuable real estate on the search results pages.

Looking at click-through rates by search rankings

Most of us rely to a greater or lesser extent on organic search to get traffic to our sites. And we know that the majority of traffic comes from the top places. Ignite Visibility reports Breakdown of Google Click-Through Rates in 2020 By Position:

Position 1–43.32%
Position 2–37.36%
Position 3 -29.90%
Position 4–19.38%

There’s a big Google Update coming. So big they’ve actually warned us about it in advance.

Google is known for its mysterious hints about what we should be doing to achieve its approval. Sure enough, there are pages and pages to help us do the right thing. But they are often difficult to interpret, leaving site owners and SEOs alike scratching their heads.

“Listen closely, because your website will be tested later”

Just occasionally, Google…

Do this before you do anything else

Many businesses have been looking at their websites recently and wondering what they should be doing to increase their revenue.

Of course, revenue follows on from successfully implementing SEO or SEM or Paid Search or Social Media or Content Marketing. Pick and Mix.

And you can’t call your dog Thelonious. A story of how our puppy came to be

Thelonious on the beach. Copyright David Rosam

It’s a little over a year since our cockapoo puppy put in an appearance at Rosam Towers. We named him Thelonious, for Thelonious Monk, the jazz pianist. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Dogs and Dave

I’m quite severely asthmatic. At my worst, life-threateningly so. I have had it all…

David Rosam

SEO, digital marketer, writer, herder of cookbooks, photographer, audiophile and jazz nut. Aspirant polymath.

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